Writing Prompts Week 10: A Story Featuring A Countdown


The crowd is thick. Bright colours and shouting people are everywhere. It’s a little overwhelming compared to home.


There’s a man handing out glowsticks. I let go of the hand in mine to accept one.


I turn around. My companion is gone.


Pressing through the crowd, calling their name.


I can’t find them. There are only strangers around me, jostling me every which way.


A hand grabs my wrist and spins me around to face the open sky.


There are fireworks counting down the last few numbers.


I look at my companion. We smile at each other.


The crowd’s getting more excited, shouting louder.


That split second of silence before the cheering explodes and all the fireworks go off. My companion pulls me in for a kiss as the crowd shouts their greetings to the new year.

Music starts playing and people near the edge of the crowd are dancing to the rhythm. My companion go to join them. We get showered with champagne foam on the way. All we can do is laugh.


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