Writing Prompts Week 13: A Story That Takes Place In A Vehicle

(I know this is super late. I’ve been having major writer’s block lately, and I’ll be working to catch up on my prompts now that it’s gone)

Wind was whipping through their hair, a small respite from the stifling heat of summer. The scenery swept by in blurs of green and brown while the distant mountains watched them from the horizon. The sun was slowly reaching towards the end of the day, but that wouldn’t be for hours yet.

“Eliza, close that window. You’ll let all the bugs in!”

Eliza turned towards the boy sitting across from her. He was all height and dark brown skin with hair cut close to his head. He was pushing the oversized glasses he always wore up his nose and scowling.

Her older cousin, Gareth.

Eliza sighed and did as she was asked. “I don’t see the problem. The wind blows most of them away, and it’s so stuffy in here.”

“No fighting, you two,” Her mother called back from the steering wheel. “Just another hour and we’ll be there.”

“Then you can run off and fight all you want,” Eliza’s dad added. He chuckled and rested his gaze back on the road ahead. “Oh no.”

Eliza peeked out around the driver’s seat in front of her. Up ahead she saw something she’d only seen in old movies. A car slid across the highway lanes far too fast and hit the front of a car in the far lane. The first car spun out and the second was knocked back into traffic and slammed the side of a semi truck attempting to pass. The truck swayed, knocking three more cars out of alignment before it tripped over itself and crumbled across the lanes. Some cars by this point had managed to stop, others weren’t so lucky.

And all this happened in the span of a minute.

Eliza let out a breath she forgot she was holding and Gareth whistled. Her parents were gobsmacked, gaping like goldfish at the scene.

“Grab the first aid kit,” Eliza shouted, unbuckling her seatbelt. “Call the paramedics, I’ll get the emergency blanket out of the trunk!”


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