Writing Prompts Week 17: A Story Set in a Country I’ve Never Been to

“Atlantis,” she announced proudly before shoveling a forkful of rice and chicken into her mouth.

Her companion shook his head in disbelief. “You’re crazy, Heather. Have I told you you’re crazy? Because you are. Atlantis is a myth.”

“And what did Professor Michel always say? ‘All myths are stories’, and this one had to have come from something. I intend to find out what.” Heather pushed her empty plate away from herself and stood, hefting a backpack onto her shoulders.

“Is that why you hijacked my family’s trip to Athens? So you could do crazy stuff like this? I hope you’re not expecting me to help you with this.”

“You don’t have to come with me. I just needed to get to Greece, and you know how I am about flying alone. Your trip happened to be at the same time I wanted to come out here. Convenient.”

“How are you even going to find it, assuming it does actually exist?”

“Oh ye of little faith. I’ve been in contact with a research group the past few months. They’re based not too far out of town and they also believe that Atlantis could have once been a real city. There are a few prospects they’ve dug up, and I got invited to join them for the underwater investigations.”

He leaned his chin on his hand. “So, I couldn’t come even if I wanted to.”

“Nope,” she giggled, sticking out her tongue at the man. “I’ll make sure to write. Tell your parents thanks for the ride.”

He watched her scamper off, down the road from the restaurant and towards the docks. There was a spring in her step that he hadn’t seen in a long while and, for just a minute, he began to regret not joining her on this latest adventure.


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