Writing Prompts Week 18: A Story About a Historical Figure

Amelia had never been the girly sort of young girl. She’d often run around in trousers with skinned knees and hop over fences like the boys did. She liked it that way, being more free to have fun.

“Oh, you should be more lady-like,” her grandmother would scold her. “Why don’t you go help your mother in the kitchen like a good girl, instead of acting like you’re a boy.”

Amelia stuck her tongue out by way of answer. She did help out, though. She liked to experiment with different ways of cooking things. Green beans  were always such a pain to take out of their pods, so she cooked them in the pods. They tasted just fine. Corn was annoying to husk too, but she couldn’t make it taste any good.

There was many a time when Amelia would be found in a scrap with the neighborhood boys. She’d come home with mussed hair and a bloody nose and dirt all over herself. Her mother gave up admonishing her for it and simply shook her head while attending to Amelia’s various cuts and bruises.

It really shouldn’t have come as any surprise that Amelia would want to grow up to do something traditionally thought of as a man’s job. Her mother cried the first time she set off on her first solo flight. 

Fame found her quickly. And then she was gone.


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