Writing Prompts Week 25: A Story Set At Summer Solstice

First day of summer. For Delilah, that meant just one thing. Summer festival!

In the sleepy little town she lived in, the festival was probably the only thing she had to look forward to there. Well, and Christmas, but that was ages away.

The festival was the one time of year where everyone from around town and the outskirts of it would gather together and set up an entire day of fun activities, local goods, and various contests, all capped off with a fireworks show and an entire night spent telling folk stories around the bonfire.

It helped that this was about the only time of year when she could see the cute boys that lived in the area.

Delilah usually spent half the festival helping her mother with her bakery stand before swapping out with her brother to go dancing. She did the same this year as well.

Dancing was a great tradition that took place during the fireworks. It was an immaculately planned event where the fireworks went off in time to the music. The most seasoned dancers knew the best ways to accent their performance as light exploded in the sky.

Delilah knew one boy who would make an excellent partner; the mayor’s son was trained nearly all his life to dance in the most flashy way possible to the tune. He wasn’t much to look at, however, and his hygiene tended to leave more to be desired than she would prefer.

The butcher’s son was more attractive in Delilah’s opinion, but he had a terrible personality and was known for stealing kisses just for the fun of it. It was also rumoured that he had wandering hands.

Now the farmer boy was very sweet. He knew how to be polite and didn’t try to talk down to people or act like he was better than anyone, and he had helped Delilah on more than one occasion when she found herself stranded halfway home. He had two left feet when dancing, and his freckles and curly hair made him look more childish than handsome, but Delilah found herself thinking about him more than she ever expected.


“It’s not right for a lady to be alone on the solstice,” a soft voice came from behind her.

Delilah turned around to find the farmer boy, Jeremy.

“Are you alone tonight? I could accompany you if you like.”

“That would be wonderful, Jeremy, thank you.” She put her hand in his and they walked out to the open part of the field, where music was beginning to play.


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