RIP Genie

As I’m sure most of you know by now, Robin Williams died yesterday; an apparent suicide by hanging. This is a great loss to many of us as he has played in some of the most memorable movies of our childhoods. The sad truth is, however, he is only the latest in a growing line of great actors to end their own lives. This begs the question, what is really going on in Hollywood that would make them want to remove themselves from this world so badly?

Beloved actors known by many, precious lives snuffed out by their own hands. A moment of silence is deserved for these great men and women who have inspired and entertained us as we grew.

Goodbye, Robin Williams. May your comedy continue to make us laugh for generations to come.552957-robin_williams_1_license_to_wed



Down down the rabbit hole

Further absorbed of the chaos

My love, the clocks run wild

From side to side like time’s lost

I hate it for stealing you


Flowers bloom in darkness

To crash of thunder

Create a lightening

Trailing down to earth

Like willow branches


Sinking into the dark waters

My dress spreads around me

Becomes the depths’ veil

And my shroud

Did I do this to myself?


Madness is all consuming

But power held by few

I am the true example

Insanity at its most fair

And a choice only I could make


Calm pervades the chaos

All the world goes still

All myself falls silent

And the cold embrace I welcome

His love, I know, is eternal